"East Asian Capitalism Conflicts, Growth and Crisis"

AUTORE: Luigi Tomba

EDITORE: Giangiacomo Feltrinelli Editore


COLLANA: Annali della Fondazione Feltrinelli



Edited by Luigi Tomba


East Asian capitalism conflicts, growth and crisis. Edited by Luigi Tomba, Giangiacomo Feltrinelli Editore, Milano 2001

Giulio Sapelli, Foreword
Luigi Tomba, Politics and social conflicts in East Asian capitalism: an introduction

Part one: The changing boundaries of the state politics arena

K.S. Jomo, Southeast Asia: from miracle to debacle
Richard Robison and Vedi R. Hadiz, Oligarchy and capitalism: the case of Indonesia
Tony Saich, The blind man and the elephant: analysing the local state in China
Thomas P. Rohlen, Cosmopolitan cities and nation-states: one economics, urban dynamics and government in East Asia

Part two: Adjusting state-society economic relations

Richard Boyd, Rents and economic outcomes in Japan and Taiwan
Tak-Wing Ngo, Development imperative and spoliatory politics: a comparative study of mainland China, Taiwan and Hong Kong
Jean-François Huchet, Chinese industrial groups in search of new forms of corporate governance
Garry Rodan, Authoritarian rule and transparency reform: Malaysia and Singapore after the economic crisis

Part three: Labour, class, gender and social conflicts

Kevin Hewison, Thailand: class matters
Hagen Koo, Development, class politics and civil society in South Korea
Charles T. Tackney, Management participation (keiei sanka) in Japan and the Asian crisis
Dorothy J. Solinger, Economic informalisation by Fiat: China's new growth strategy as solution or crisis?
Hein Mallee, Taking grain as the key link: population registration and development discourse in China
Maila Stivens, Gendering Asian exceptionalism: "public", "private" and Asian modernities
Michael Pinches, Migrant workers and the reconstitution of class and international relations in East Asia